Marlborough Vintage & Farm Machinery Society Inc

Like all vintage machinery clubs around New Zealand, the members of Marlborough Vintage & Farm Machinery Society are doing their best to preserve, restore and exhibit our past heritage for future generations to enjoy. Back in the 1960’s, Mr. Norman Brayshaw started collecting and documenting Marlborough’s past and securing unused land from the Council to form a Heritage Park now known as Brayshaw Park.

We have a diverse membership who bring a wide range of skills to our club including current and retired Farmers, Engineers, Mechanics, Boiler Makers, Fitters and Turners and Auto Electricians to name a few. We have young & keen members, some who are still at college, who are learning how to restore, use and look after the exhibits in our care.

Some of our exhibits include a locally restored & furnished cottage from the 1880’s. We have one of the biggest collections of vintage wheel tractors, crawlers & machines in New Zealand which include some very rare machines like the first mobile Blackstone oil engine built by Andrews & Beaven in Christchurch. A large stationary engine that was built by a local engineering company whose owner also went on to manufacture several cars that became known as “Marlborough” cars. There is a working Blacksmith’s Shop, a fully restored McLaren Steam Roller, traction engines, a large display of diesel engines dating back to the 1920’s, stationary engines and a machine that dates back to one of the earliest forms of refrigeration. Some of these machines are both restored and un-restored.

Our members are often busy during the week with restorations or keeping our large display of tractors & engines running while Saturday mornings are very popular with most of our members getting together to catch up over a cuppa and talk about the old times, plan their next move regarding a restoration or just catch up with the local gossip. We have regular open days which gives our members the chance to get their favourite pieces of equipment out for a run and show the public how things were done from a bygone era. We have club meetings at the start of each month followed by a social gathering with a cuppa. Our club is open to the public to visit our displays weekly with a small admission fee and new members are always welcome to join our society.

If you would like to apply for membership of the Marlborough Vintage & Farm Machinery Society:

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marlborough engineOur club logo comes from the “Marlborough Engine”.marlborough farming museum

This 8hp engine is one of three built by Mr. J N Birch who was the owner of “Marlborough Engineering Works” in Blenheim. Mr. J N Birch built these engines from scratch. The patterns were made & then taken to be cast at the Nelson Foundary.

This only remaining complete & running engine was bought by Mr. J A Crump of Ocean Bay, Port Underwood, Marlborough, where it was used mainly to drive a saw bench.

The club still has one engine in parts & the other engine is believed to be laying at the bottom of the Marlborough Sounds!! A four cylinder version was also built that was used on a ship that serviced the Chatham Islands

marlborough farming museum

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Marlborough Farming Museum

Open Daily from 10 am till 3 pm | Brayshaw Park, 26 Arthur Baker Place, Blenheim